Standard Size "Plush Fur" Bean Bag Chairs - "Our Best Seller"

BB-35-FUR-LIMEGREEN - Plush Green Fur Bean Bag Chair BB-35-FUR-PINK - Plush Lt Pink Fur Bean Bag ChairBB-35-FUR-BLUE - Plush Lt Blue Fur Bean Bag Chair    The Standard Size Plush Fur Bean Bag Chair is the Softest, Coziest Bean Bag Chair we carry. Made of the finest materials. Conforms to our high standards of manufacture and design. Virgin polystyrene foam filling, double zippers for child safety, double stitching with clear nylon for a great look and added strength. KIDS-SAFE! This is the perfect bean  bag chair for the Kid's Bedroom or Game Room. Makes a great Christmas Gift. Get your Plush Fur Bean Bag Chair in 5 days. Shipped Free Of Charge!!

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Bean Bag Chair

At first glance FUF CHAIRS appear to be bean bag chairs. But nothing could be further from the truth. Take a seat and odds are you’ll stay there for a long, long time—talk about comfortable furniture....our FUF CHAIRS are no question, the most comfortable Bean Bags on the market!


FUF CHAIRS, are filled with our patented blend of shredded virgin polyurethane foam. Similar to the foam that’s used in sofas—only shredded for maximum comfort. They never lose their fullness and never have to be refilled. When you sit in a FUF CHAIR it conforms to your body.


  FUF CHAIRS are great for relaxing, napping, cuddling, reading, playing video games, watching TV, doing homework, or just plain fun. They are the perfect bean bags for your living room, theater room, play room, kid’s bedrooms, family room, or just about any room in the house.

How To Fill A Bean Bag Chair

Steps: How to Fill a Bean Bag Chair

  1. Inspect the delivered package for damage. Return the package immediately if there is a problem.
  2. Inspect carefully your flat bean bag chair, checking for any signs of rips and holes in the fabric. Higher quality bean bag chairs, constructed of materials such as leather, tend to be more durable, less likely to puncture and provide greater longevity, but a variety of other materials are available.
  3. Have a friend assist you in filling your chair. One person holds the chair open while the other carefully pours the filling into the chair. Fill the chair in a room with no breeze, so the light filling doesn't blow around and make the procedure more difficult.
  4. Close the zipper. Some zippers have locks to keep the zipper closed. Others have special patches to keep them safe around small children.
  5. Sit in the chair. You'll notice right away a sinking feeling like sitting in quick sand, as the filling settles and trapped air is pushed out of the chair.
  6. Add more filler if you'd like a stiffer chair.
  7. Relax and enjoy the best furniture that has come into your life for a long time. Your chair will be your new best friend. Oh, and don’t forget to get out of your chair and clean up your mess!

Denim Bean Bag Chairs

Washable Denim Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs have been around for years and years. They seem to stand the test of time. Started out decades ago as dark brown vinyl sacs filled with navy beans. They weighed about sixty pounds and if they got wet, they would mildew and start growing bean plants! Fortunately bean bag chairs have come a long way since then. A seemingly unlimited number of sizes, styles, colors, and fabrics. They are lightweight, filled with either polystyrene foam beads or shredded polyurethane foam. 100% recyclable products.

My personal favorite is the denim bean bag chair. Made with the same material as your blue jeans and denim jacket. 100% cotton, washable and come in assorted colors. This extremely durable bean bag chair is very comfortable, a big hit with teenagers and won't go out of style.

Best of all they won't put a strain on your wallet. The bean bag chair is probably the most cost effective way to provide addition seating in your family's bedroom, game room or dorm room. You can pick one up for less than a hundred bucks.
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Bean Bag Chairs as a Gift

What To Buy For Christmas

What gifts to buy our family and friends for Christmas. This decision has plagued everybody, every year at this time for hundreds of years. We all suffer through this. We go from mall to mall, head out to one department store after another, and eventually buy a gift certificate or purchase something that winds up being returned to the store the next week, or never even used at all!

What we are looking for is something they won't throw in the closet the next day, or get tired of in a week, or outgrow in 6 months. We want our family to be excited about their Christmas gift. We would also like our gift to be versatile and unique. We want people to make use of our gift and think of us when they do. It is a pleasant, fulfilling experience we all want to share. And let us not forget one of the most important things, the price. We don't need our Christmas gifts to set us back by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Bean bag chairs are the perfect solution to all these problems. A useful gift your family will treasure every day for many years to come! An excellent addition to any child's bedroom or game room. Printed with university logos for the college student. You can find high quality bean bag chairs online for less than a hundred bucks, (shipping included). The modern bean chair is kid safe, lightweight, easy to clean, and comes in a wide variety of fabrics and colors. They are designed and manufactured with style and comfort in mind, and are extremely durable. They will withstand the test of time.

My daughters, nieces, and nephews still use their bean bags after many years. They are probably the only tangible things I have given them that they still have!

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Marine Bean Bag Chair - UV Protected

The Modern Marine Bean Bag Chair

The modern marine bean bag chair. Use it on your boat, take it to the beach, or take it on your camping trip It's totally weather resistant, so you can use it near the pool or the lake, sit in it on the lanai or porch, or even use it as a comfortable recliner to get a sun tan.

The vinyl cover is UV protected so it won't fade in the sun, oil and stain resistant so it easily wipes clean, mildew resistant so it won't turn green, and filled with Styrofoam beads so it won't sink to the bottom or the ocean, lake or pool!

This bean bag chair comes in white only. Double stitched with nylon for added strength and added weather resistance. It will not fill up with water if it gets wet. They're lightweight, only 10 lbs. Easy to relocate, and a 30" diameter won't fill up the whole boat, camper or minivan.

Best of all these bean bag chairs will not set you back by hundreds of dollars. You can pick one up for about 100 bucks. A most cost effective way to provide additional, versatile seating. This chair will be treasured by you and your family for many, many years to come.

NOTE: We don't recommend you leave your marine bean bag chair out in the rain and snow indefinitely. Move out of extreme weather to a sheltered area such as an overhang, porch or lanai and you will enjoy your bean bag a lot longer.

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Bean Bag Chair Filling

Bean Bag Chair Filling
Polyurethane Foam vs. Polystyrene Beads

Polyurethane Foam: This is a shredded foam rubber material something like the cushions on your couch. It gives you a more surrounding, sinking in type of feeling. You will need to roll the Bean Bag Chair around every so often to keep it fluffed up. A little more expensive.

Polystyrene Beads: This is an expanded styrofoam product similar to the packaging material your CD player comes in. It's formed into little pea sized balls. It gives you a firmer feel with more back support, and keeps it's shape without repeated fluffing up. Very cost effective.

    Modern Bean Bag